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Wikispaces 101
Online Video Tour - for older version, but, helpful!

What's a Wikispace?
See the definitive answer here, but basically, it's

Assignment #1: Get Started
  1. Create a wikispaces account
  2. Create a new wiki
  3. Change the "Home" page

Create an Wikispaces Account:
  1. goto
  2. on the right had side, create a username using your firstname_lastname ( first name followed by an underscore, then your last name ie. Jim_Brown), if necessary use a middle intial or a number following your last name( ie Jim_Brown44)
  3. submit a real email address (like your gmail account ie., you will need this to confirm to your registration
  4. Go to your email program and confirm your registration.
  5. Now you are able to create, search, join other wikis and become a member to them.

Assignment #2: What to include on your wikipage
On your wiki site HOME page include a main for each topic and several additional inter-linked pages. Include, file images, widgets, table are also included in the linked pages. The setup is a suggestion of information required for the particular challenge. Be sure to put alike info on the same but don't let it get longer than one printed page.

Sample Pages:
Cardboard Chair
CO2 Dragster

What makes a Good Webpage Design?

It is easy to make a dorky web page. It's also easy to make a very nice, clean, professional-looking web page even if you don't have much design experience. Often the difference, even for beginning designers, is simply a matter of eliminating certain features that are guaranteed to make a page look amateurish. Go through the list of things that people--designers and non-designers--from around the country have cited as the things that make the difference between a well-designed and a poorly designed web page.

Keep in mind that the point of eliminating bad features is not just to make the page prettier, but to communicate more effectively.