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Technological Design

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Trebuchet - free weights

Problem Statement: To research, design, construct, test, modify and report on a torsion catapult like device that will launch a squash ball to hit a target 25 feet away.

Design Criteria:
q The body of the catapult cannot exceed a size of 1 cubic foot/ 1728
q All materials will be cut and drilled in accordance with approved design drawings team members submitted.
q Each design will use only one original power source (twisted rope or free-weight)
q The device must be capable of being operated through the use of a trigger
q launch day is

Rules for Event:
The competition will take place indoors so that no objects will impede, and wind is not a factor in the ball's path.
A line will be designated as a launch position. The target will be 25 feet away. A team's catapult will be placed at the launch position and loaded with a s quash ball which will then be fired at the target. The target is composed of concentric rings. The outer most rings is approx. 5 feet in diameter, the center ring is approx. 3 feet in diameter and the inner ring is approx. 1 foot diameter.

BULLEYE 5 points
Center ring 3 points
Outer Ring 1 point

Each team is allowed 5 shots. The total of the best 3 of the 5 determines score. Ties are settled by a shot off.
Repairs to a broken catapult are allowed, but the damaged catapult must be removed from the launch pad position to make the repair.

Group Submission:
1. Catapult construction
2. Technical Report