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Technological Design

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Chairs are found everywhere. They come in nearly an infinite variety of designs and are used for many different purposes. Most chairs are made to permanently occupy space until they are thrown away. Since most chairs are made of a variety of highly processed materials discarded chairs or their materials are rarely recycled.
The primary factors determining the cost of a chair are its size and the cost of the material it is made of.
Workmanship and brand name, style and aesthetics and market also play a part in determining the price.

Problem Statement:

To research, design, construct, test modify and report on a cardboard chair.
Design Criteria:
  • All the chair parts must be made from the corrugated cardboard provided by the teacher.
  • You may only use no more than one sheets of cardboard, each 48” x 96” (or approximately 32 square feet) to make all parts of your final chair.
  • The chair must be the color of the cardboard. No color may be added.
  • No adhesives or fasteners of any type may be used to make or assemble the chair.
  • The chair must have “back” for sitter to rest against.
  • The chair must support a person of at least 185 pounds in normal use.
  • Seat: min. 16” from ground
  • Back: min. 30” from ground
  • Chair must be visually appealing as well as strong
  • Chair must be ergonomically comfortable


  1. Research- 20 fast fact /person
  2. Sketches - Create 5 thumbnail sketches / person
  3. Drawings -Orthographic assembly drawing
  4. orthographic layout drawing
  5. 3d sketch up drawing to actual size
  6. scale cardboard model
  7. actual cardboard chair
  8. Conclusion
  9. Wikispaces / person
Submit Report using wikispaces - due Monday, May 10, 2010.