Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS

Cantilever Arm Bridge

Technical Report Layout

  1. Title Page: provide key information as to the title, your name, the teacher’s name, course code, date of submission and an image.
  2. Problem Statement: outline the problem by making a statement such as…”to research, design, construct, test, modify and report on …”
  3. Design Criteria: outline the limitations to the design, materials, construction and/or length of time to the design challenge
  4. Research: provide 20 fast facts, in bullet form that will aid in the design, and/ or construct of your design
  5. Thumbnail Sketch: is a simple sketch to help you get ideas. Keep the thumbnails simple and small. You must have at least five different thumbnails sketches
  6. Solution Chart & Rational: develop chart of five various criteria to base an evaluation for your five designs. Include a marking scale and reason for the design that is chosen.
  7. Technical Drawing: provide a two-dimensional scale drawing of your design. It must include dimensions and labeled parts/information.
  8. List of Materials: provide a list of all materials and tools needed to construct the project
  9. Testing: for working models, test your design, make observation and record them.
  10. Conclusion: In one-half to one page in length state your conclusion to which design is the best based on your research, observations and analysis of the test results.